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Eating an Elephant: Conquering big projects one bite at a time. - Liam Elliott


Have you ever started a new project, or been given a task that at face value seems simple enough. But as you start digging deeper, you realise that you've only just seen the tip of the iceberg? The deeper you dig, the more paralysed you become by the scope you have uncovered... and before you know it, deadlines pass and you've barely put two lines of code together. Starting a new and ambitious project is always a daunting prospect. More often than not focusing on the grander picture distracts us from making progress, whilst if we look at the smallest piece of work we can end up a long way off course. Paralysis by analysis can break even the soundest of projects. In this session, Liam will walk through some strategies he has used for getting over these speed bumps. From reviewing the definition of an MVP, through to revisiting basic software principles. So you too can learn to Eat the Elephant... and have room for dessert.

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