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Effective Remote C++ Development with Codespaces - Nick Uhlenhuth - CppCon 2020

English --- The rise of remote work and the growth of team sizes present a challenge for C++ developers. Many C++ projects have complex hardware and software requirements, making onboarding of new team members and productive coding from home harder than they need to be. We need tools to ease configuration of your team's development environments and grant them access to the processing power they need from wherever they are in the world.
This presentation will show how Codespaces can use the power and flexibility of the cloud to address these issues. Codespaces give you the ability to quickly create a managed online development environment specific to your project that you can access from anywhere. We'll look at the problems which hit C++ developers particularly hard, like long build times and dependency management. Finally, we'll show the tool in action to give you a feel for how your teams could leverage it, and more broadly get you to think about what parts of your team's development process can be streamlined.
--- Nick Uhlenhuth Program Manager, Microsoft
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