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Ego, Power, Fear ... and Leadership by Oana Juncu #AgileIndia2020


Wether you are an Agile Coach, an Agile transformation facilitator or a Scrum Master, did it happen to you to feel frustrated because the change you wanted to see was not the change that was taking place? Did you ever think that the values and principles you promoted had not the desired echo? Did you ever felt the pressure to succeed a transformation, while people had other operational priorities? If you are a manager, did you feel excited by a more collaborative way of working, then felt lost because your hierarchy has the same "old ways" type of expectations form you?
If you ever felt this way, this session invites you to explore another path toward leadership, a path that I believe helpful either for coaches, facilitators, and managers, the path of the servant leader, who I'd rather call "leader at service".
The challenge of a ""leader at service"" posture is the letting go of our own fears, our ego and eventually, our own involvement in power games, therefore we will discover together, from a systemic point of view, how our own fears may reinforce our ego and may push us in group power dynamics. The ""Human Element"" model created by William Schulz will be used to explore the root causes of fears and how we can address them, and Robert Greenleaf's Servant Leadership principles will be also used as a support
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