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[Eng Sub]Deno: Next Generation JavaScript Runtime by Yongwook Choi | JSConf Korea 2022


Ryan Dahl, creator of Node.js, presented "10 Things I regret about Node.js" at JSConf EU 2018 and introduced Deno, a newly developed JavaScript runtime. Four years have passed since then. What advantages does Deno have and how much ore convenient is it over Node.js? Is it okay to use Deno in production instead of Node.js now?
Through creating a Node.js project with TypeScript, we will find out the existing inconveniences and learn how Deno solves them. Also, I will introduce how to coexist with the current ecosystem based on my experience of actually using the Node.js library in Deno and deploying it to NPM. Then let's go to Deno Land together!
Yongwook Choi works to improve development experience at Riiid. Since Deno is cute, he loves contributing to the Deno ecosystem. 🦕