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Exceptions Under the Spotlight - Inbal Levi - CppCon 2020

English --- The exceptions mechanism is a complex topic and has been enthusiastically discussed in the last WG21 committee meeting.
In this talk we will dive into the world of exceptions.
We will start by understanding the error handling mechanism.
We will explore the evolution of exceptions, and the design decisions that led to the current version.
Next, we will see its usage as part of the program, and analyze the overhead by breaking the exceptions mechanism to bits.
Last, we will describe and analyze the alternatives, and potential directions for the exceptions mechanism in a future C++ versions.
--- Inbal Levi is an embedded software engineer with a passion for high performance. She is one of the organizers of CoreCpp conference and CoreCpp user group. She's also a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 (the C++ Standards Committee), and among the founders of the Israeli NB Mirror committee.
--- Streamed & Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - [email protected]