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Exciting World of WebVR

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Aysegul Yonet

As much fun as Facebook Spaces experience and watching a basketball game in Virtual Reality headset are, we have not witnessed the real power of WebVR yet.
Neuroscientists and doctors are discovering the how they can utilize WebVR for pain management, depression and Alzheimer disease. Tech leaders like Google is collaborating with teachers to create educational discovery applications to bring experiences to students all around the world that would otherwise never get to explore.
Smithsonian museum is scanning all of their archives for you to experience their collection in a way you have never done before. Join us connecting the world with this new technology. Let’s create your first Angular WebVR component and look at the amazing tools we have together.
Aysegul is a Sr. Software Engineer working at A360. Aysegul hosts Women Who Code and Girl Develop It JavaScript Meetups in San Francisco. She also teaches workshops for D3.js, AngularJS, and MEAN stack. Aysegul is CTO of AnnieCannons, Inc, a nonprofit organization that trains human trafficking survivors in web development.