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Explaining the VuePress Magic - Ramona Biscoveanu - vueday 2020


Explaining the VuePress Magic - Ramona Biscoveanu
VuePress is awesome and full of magic, I could say for multiple reasons: as technology and as a product! But how is this magic happening that make VuePress sites so fast? How is VuePress doing all that awesome stuff for you and being very consumer-friendly? I will answer all these questions in my presentation, but before doing that I will take a step back and I will explain what are static site generators, why is their popularity keeps rising, how are they working under the hood and how is the Vue ecosystem looking. I will present a deep dive into how these tools work, I will show you what happens behind the scenes and what technologies they are using by using code samples from VuePress codebase. For example, I will explain how a markdown file is processed. But also I will present some interesting features that set VuePress apart in the ecosystem because if set up correctly VuePress can be very powerful. Magic is awesome but magic is even better when is explained :)
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