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Exploring the Skyline: International Women’s Day Celebration & Panel


Presented by WWCode Cincinnati
Women Who Code Cincinnati is excited to collaborate with getWITit Cincinnati and INTERalliance for a celebration of women in tech in Cincinnati for Women's History Month. Every woman has a unique story to tell and we want to celebrate and share the stories and achievements of women in tech in Cincinnati. We are honored to host our esteemed panel of guests to share their journeys of becoming technical leaders in this moderated Q&A session.
Lauren Brongersma - Senior Software Engineer, P&G Panelist
Lauren Brongersma is a front end developer at P&G. Her day to day consists of building web and mobile interfaces that are accessible and performant. She built her first website in middle school, but didn't know it could be a career until she saw a talk on non-traditional paths into tech after working in healthcare for five years. Lauren got her first development job with a small responsive website she built in a Girl Develop It course and has never looked back. Since her career change seven years ago, she has worked on projects as small as landing pages for local businesses and as large as e-commerce sites and mobile apps for P&G brands. She previously acted as a chapter leader for Cincinnati Girl Develop It, giving back to the community that helped her get where she is today. When she isn't coding, she likes to travel, scuba dive, hike, assemble puzzles, and play Animal Crossing.
Stacee Johnson - IT Analyst III, Total Quality Logistics Panelist
Stacee Johnson is a loving wife, humbled mother, devoted sister, and seasoned IT Analyst who has served in multiple industries including logistics, consumer and business financing, and collections. As an analyst and leader, she has been able to support and mentor many team members to reach their greater potential. Her passion being people and untapped opportunities, Stacee has been driven in efforts of increase diversity and inclusion, communication and candor, and continuous improvement in the organizations she serves. She is cofounder of UpScale Consulting LLC, a small business which serves to consult and guide entrepreneurs and small business owners to greater success. Stacee strives to bring positivity, hope and passion to the people and places around her.
Rachel Folz - Director of Product, Cerkl Panelist
Rachel Folz brought her passion for taking great ideas and turning them into real results to Cerkl, where she serves as Director of Product.
Rachel's purpose in life is to simplify the complicated and to grow people while she's at it. In her role at Cerkl, she works with designers, customer success people, and engineers to research, create, and launch solutions that make communicators jobs easier. Product leadership is part tech, part design, and a whole lot of user empathy.
Rachel serves as the Chapter Co-Lead for Women in Product Cincinnati. In her free time, Rachel loves listening to podcasts, walking her geriatric rescue dog, and reading very important and unimportant books.
Lillian Chow - Product Manager, Branch Insurance Panelist
Lillian is currently a 4th year student at Ohio State majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. She is also a Product Manager at Branch Insurance, where she started as a Product Manager Intern last August. Her previous internships have included working at Procter & Gamble, Kroger Technology, Google, and Bank of America. Outside of work and classes Lilian loves to bake, spend time outside, and try new things!
Ayushe Nagpal - Chief Operating Officer, INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, Senior at Mason High School (she/her) Moderator
This event adheres to the WWCode Code of Conduct and is a collaborative effort between WWCode Cincinnati, getWITit Cincinnati, and INTERalliance. To find out more about these organizations, the event, Code of Conduct, panelists and moderator, please read here:
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