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Fighting Back Against a Distracted World - Increasing your Focus and Self-motivation - NDC Oslo 2020


We live in an age of technical wonder with the internet, high-end games, and streaming service all vying for our attention. We have never had so many significant innovations available at our fingertips, accessible 24 by 7. There is a big problem, though. With all these systems, we are becoming increasingly distracted, making it hard to focus on issues for an extended period. If left unchecked, this can affect our work, careers, and self-confidence. We need to be able to break this cycle from throwing us into a spiral of distraction while still being able to enjoy all these innovations.
When I first went self-employed, I thought I had the ultimate freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted. To a degree, I did, but I didn’t have anyone looking over me, holding me to account. I started to become distracted. After I while, I decided things had to change. I started on a quest to become more productive, focused, and increase my motivation; while still enjoy the occasional Netflix binge.
In this talk, I want to share my story of personal distraction, low motivation, and increased project anxiety. I will share how I broke this cycle and got my creative and productive mojo back.
This talk is aimed at anyone that strives to be more productive but struggles with distractions daily. In the talk, I will cover subjects such as
- Distraction and procrastination - Finding meaning in your work - Increasing self-motivation - Understanding your locus of control - Productivity and time management - Controlling social media addiction
I consider myself now to be very productive, but it was a battle getting there. Let me share my story, in the hope that I can also help you be productive and confident.