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Ready, Set, Prod! Use Firebase to Create a Production React App



Kaylee Mchugh

Presented by WWCode Boulder/Denver
✨Lightning Talk ✨
Ready, Set, Prod! Use Firebase to Create a Prod React App Kaylee Mchugh, CEO @ ChattyKathi
In this session, we’ll cover what Firebase is and how you can use it to quickly set up new React projects. We’ll go over each of Firebase’s most useful tools at a high level (did you say built-in database and domain hosting?), and will show you how you can create a secure, scalable platform that can handle 1 user or millions of users without any large code changes.
🎙️ About Our Speaker Kaylee is the founder of ChattyKathi - a tool that helps keep groups of close friends and family more connected. She’s in super startup mode right now writing code, creating social media, managing Trello boards, and more. She’s also currently a part-time master’s student at University of Denver’s Technology Management program. Before joining the tech startup world, she was a technical consultant and software engineer for 5 years. Before that, she studied English and Art History in college. So, if you’ve transitioned to a coding career from somewhere else, please join! She knows exactly how you feel.
🎉 What this meetup is about
Everyone is welcome, no matter what level. The first half of the meetup is lightning talk is focused on icebreakers and a lightning talk + coding demo. Then, the second half is individual projects and questions. Don't have a project you're working on? No problem, we'd love for you to come anyway. Start a group project with other meetup attendees. Brush up on your JS skills. Use our resource guide, google, and each other to create something awesome. Or just come to hang out and meet people!
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