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Flying Blind Lessons Learned from Presenting Online - Alexander Arvidsson - NDC Oslo 2021


If you had asked me last year if it was possible to speak or conduct training via the internet I would have said "sure, it's doable, but it's different and it's going pale in comparison to an in-person delivery". Then the world went off the rails. Suddenly everyone had to adapt to being in quarantine or lockdown and not going to any conferences or trainings for the foreseeable future. I was forced to figure out a way to conduct technical training using tools that I didn't believe in, by to people that I couldn't see - without it sucking. I had to figure out how to position myself to be able to use my hands, how to seamlessly switch between PowerPoint and the Azure portal and how to gauge my students' information retention - all in about a week. It turns out that there are a lot more hours in a week than the 40 most people are used to working. This session walks through what I've learned from speaking and conducting training over the internet the pandemic - both what works well and what ... doesn't.

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