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[email protected] - A Celebration The cliché of constant change


by Steven Goodwin
At: FOSDEM 2020
Since 2001, FOSDEM has been a ritualistic retreat for thousands of free and open source-minded developers.
Incorporating contributions gathered from across the FOSDEM community, this talk reflects on those past events and makes comment on the changes in technology, community, and the conference itself. For those new to FOSDEM this talk provides a lively and interesting discussion on how FOSDEM began and has changed over the years, told through the eyes of one of its most loyal supporters, Steven Goodwin, who has attended them all and, since 2003, has been documenting his (mis-)adventures in "The FOSDEM Diaries."
And for those veterans, it provides a trip down memory lane and a solid reminder that we were all young once, and that we should help the current generation in the way we were helped all those years ago!
This talk gives real insight on how communities change over time, and how those new to the fold can break into an arena that can often appear as one clique of kranky old developers!
Steve will also explain the origin of the FOSDEM drinking game ‘beermat buckeroo!’
Room: Janson Scheduled start: 2020-02-02 16:00:00