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From C++ Templates to C++ Concepts - Metaprogramming: an Amazing Journey - Alex Dathskovsky

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From C++ Templates to C++ Concepts - The Amazing Journey of Metaprogramming - Alex Dathskovsky - CppCon 2022
Metaprogramming is been with us since C++98 but as the language evolves we have more tools and the code get simpler and clearer. In this talk we will cover the history of Templates and how the usage and readability became clearer and simpler with each standard. We will develop a concept with c++11-c++17 for checking if a type is container and then we will discover how c++20 concepts make the whole thing much easier. In this talk we will cover the grounds of Template meta programming with quick walkthrough of how templates work and how template metaprogramming has evolved with every C++ standard. The talk will have present the evolution and benefits with many code examples. The larges example will be the development of a concept for Containers and how it is simplified with Concepts. ---
Alex Dathskovsky
Alex has over 16 years of software development experience, working on systems, low-level generic tools and high-level applications. Alex has worked as an integration/software developer at Elbit, senior software developer at Rafael, technical leader at Axxana, Software manager at Abbott Israel and now a group manager a technical manager at an Exciting startup the will change Big Data and analytics as we know it .On His current Job Alex is developing a new CPU/APU system working with C++20, Massive metaprogramming and development of LLVM to create the next Big thing for Big Data.
Alex is a C++ expert with a strong experience in template meta-programming. Alex also teaches a course about the new features of modern C++, trying to motivate companies to move to the latest standards. __
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