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From Rags to Revenue: 5 years of a developer startup - Ben Cull - NDC Melbourne 2022


I began my startup, Pinch Payments, in June 2017 and have been on the path to profitability ever since. As a fledgling developer, I was always interested in building a company, but never really knew how to get something off the ground. It wasn’t until a major life event occurred that I found room to start a real company; to have an actual crack at starting a business. There have been enormous ups and downs along the way, but in this talk I will explain the journey I’ve taken from full-time developer to startup owner in graphic detail. I will give you a solid starting point for finding good business ideas and show you some tips and tricks for early-stage businesses. Developers are uniquely positioned to create value for the world, and I hope to be the small nudge it takes to set you on your own startup journey.
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