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"Functional DevOps in a Dysfunctional World" by Vaibhav Sagar


Nix is a package manager, and a programming language for writing packages in that package manager, that enables reliable and reproducible software development workflows, e.g. a reproducible dev environment, a package that installs correctly every time, and even pain-free service deployments. In this session I plan to demonstrate packaging and deploying software with Nix, after which I will take questions and/or start a discussion. By the end of the unsession participants should have a working understanding of what problems Nix can solve and how to integrate it into their software development workflows.
Vaibhav Sagar Obsidian Systems @vbhvsgr
Vaibhav (@vbhvsgr) used to write web applications for a living. He still does, but he used to, too. When he’s not doing that he yells about functional programming and package managers on Twitter, re-racks bumper plates after using them, and trawls the internet for the finest space disco.