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Functional Error and Optional-value Handling with STX - Basit Ayantunde - CppCon 2020

English --- Error-handling is arguably the most divergent part of C++. Many coding guidelines partially allow exceptions or totally ban it and this leads to many projects supporting multiple error-handling interfaces such as exceptions, the error-prone c-style error-handling, and/or custom error-handling types. This also leads many C++ developers to not use exceptions and instead roll their in-house error and optional-value handling facilities which are duplicated across the ecosystem.
This divergence has birthed numerous projects like boost.expected, boost.outcome, boost.leaf, tl::optional, tl::expected, and many others that have done a great job at addressing these issues.
This talk introduces STX; a C++ library that tries to address some of these concerns with error and optional-value handling in the C++ ecosystem and also tries to unify some of these efforts/implementations.
--- Basit Ayantunde is an undergraduate at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria where he majors in Mechanical Engineering. Basit has 4 years of experience writing industrial software both as a contract software developer and intern. He is one of the C++Now 2020 scholars, he contributes to open source projects like Tensorflow and CMSIS, and authors STX and a number of open source C++ libraries.
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