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Gamifying Dev Effectiveness in a Remote-first Work Environment by Vilas Veeraraghavan #AgileIndia 21


Keeping Development teams motivated and productive has always been a challenge even in a pre-pandemic office work environment. In the new Remote-first work reality, these challenges bring new tradeoffs between Developer joy and releasing new features quickly and maintaining a high bar on quality. Add to this the hurdles in communication and this presents a potential obstacle for most businesses and their bottom line. But using gamification exercises, quality gating, guardrails and modified KPIs combined with a reward/objective-based system for distributed development teams can bring in a new way to drive developer effectiveness in teams. Combining learnings from running remote distributed teams for over a decade (as well as through the pandemic) this talk will focus on the wins/learnings/opportunities that can be a blueprint for enabling happy dev teams that deliver consistent quality at high velocity
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