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GCP: Migrating a 1M+ LOC project from AngularJS to Angular

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Connie Wan & Jen Bourey

Google Cloud Platform's migration story: technical, organizational, and practical considerations for migrating a large and growing project.
Connie is a tech lead on Google Cloud Platform with a team of superheroes who turn coffee and puns into UI components. Her favourite pastimes are deleting code, complaining about z-indexes, and insisting that she will definitely finish that novel one day. She stands on the shoulders of some great designers and engineers, and the view from up there is amazing.
Jen currently serves as a Tech Lead on Google’s Cloud Platform, one of Google’s biggest Angular-powered applications. She has 14 years of experience building web portals and has contributed to several open-source projects.