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Gender Communication Differences – Why They Matter at Work!


Presented by WWCode Cincinnati Speaker: Jill Eaton
Have you ever left a meeting a work frustrated and wondering why it’s so hard to get your points across? Do you feel like others are operating by a set of rules that you haven’t figured out? Have you ever wondered if men and women really do communicate differently?
We all see the world through unique lenses. When it comes to gender, there is a spectrum of behavior. At one end of the spectrum is traditional male behavior, and at the other, traditional female behavior. Every individual is unique, and we are on different places on the gender spectrum. Our position on the gender spectrum influences our behavior and communication style.
Gender is sometimes a controversial subject, but it is important that we speak openly about it. Jill will share research, with examples from her corporate and personal experiences, and lead an interactive discussion about the ways gender impacts behavior and communication styles.
In this session you will learn about:
Core Concepts: - Impact of childhood experiences on our behavior - Brain science - Concept of team
Key areas of gender impact at work: - Feedback and promotion - Asking questions / Asking for help - Meeting and group dynamics - Conflict - Influence
[image alt] Women Who Code Cincinnati; Gender Communication Differences – Why They Matter at Work!; July 20 2021 at 6 pm ET; Jill Eaton, Author of "Gender Goggles", she/her; headshot photo of Jill Eaton
About the speaker
Jill Eaton is the author of "Gender Goggles: The Vision You Need to Get Promoted, Strengthen Relationships and Love Graciously" and is a featured presenter on Gender Communication Differences at companies, universities, and conferences.
Jill worked in Information Technology at Fortune 500 Companies for 34 years. She started her career as a software developer and worked her way up to an Executive position. She has a passion for developing talent and led a global Leadership Development Program for ten years. She remains a career coach and mentor to many. Jill is based in Louisville, KY, where she resides with her husband and pets.
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