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Getting Started in Cybersecurity


Presented by WWCode Kuala Lumpur
Looking to start a cybersecurity career but have no idea where to begin?
Hear from our experienced panelists about the possible career paths in this exciting field, how to land your first job, interview tips, and the resources they found helpful.
Speakers ------ Sandrapriya Murugiah | Senior Consultant, Technology @ Ambition
Sandra is an experienced recruiter within IT Infra, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Cloud & DevOps space in Malaysia and has been successful in placing diversified candidates from mid-level to senior management throughout her experience. Prior to this, she also served the financial and corporate event services industry as business development, sales & marketing manager. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Communication Management from the National University of Malaysia (UKM).
----- Nigel Rodrigues | Head of IT Security @ REA Group Asia
Nigel Rodrigues has over 16 years of working experiences and exposures in different technology domains with a cumulative of more than 14 years of experiences across Information/IT Security. He is absolutely passionate about Information/IT Security and looks forward to emerging technologies. In his spare time, he loves watching movies. Presently, he is the Head of IT Security for a leading prop-tech company across Asia.
----- Rahayu Ramli | Head of Cyber Strategy & Architecture @ Petronas
Rahayu’s love for tech started early - bugging cousins to let her play Ghostbusters on a Commodore 64 - and grew into an obsession that has defined her career. She now leads the Cyber Strategy & Architecture team within the larger Cybersecurity team in PETRONAS, after more than 16 years across roles in research, consulting, education and oil & gas. When away from her screens, Rahayu can be found reading a hardcopy book and drinking lots of coffee.
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