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GitHub Africa/GraphQL Berlin - Eli Perkins - "Unlocking Static Type Superpowers with GraphQL..."


Ever wondered how that GraphQL definitions become static types in TypeScript or Swift? Curious how an HTTP request to a GraphQL server can end up returning a whole GraphQL schema? At GitHub, we’ve been exploring and shipping some unique new ways to leverage GraphQL introspection and put the static types and API contracts to good use. In this talk, we’ll dig into the nitty-gritty of GraphQL introspection and how you can use static types to build stellar products.
Eli is a mobile engineer, working on GitHub for iOS. Eli has been working with iOS since 2010, has a passion for pixel perfection, and loves to teach computers to solve problems so that humans don’t have to. When he’s not writing Swift, GraphQL, or Ruby, you can probably find Eli brewing a coffee and hanging out with his chatty Siamese cat.
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