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Going Straight to the Edge - Edge Computing Explained -


Businesses are moving their operations to Kubernetes at a rapid rate, but we are on the cusp of a new deployment paradigm: the edge.
With the continued roll out of technologies such as Star Link, 5G deployment and general fiber across the world, we are able to bring connectivity to places we'd never thought possible, however this doesn't solve all our problems. There is a cost to moving data, not only monetarily, but in the reduction in response times to real world events. The edge aims to solve this by bringing compute ability ever closer to the locations generating data, but this also comes with complexities.
Join Civo CTO, Dinesh Majrekar, and Civo CEO, Mark Boost, as they walk you through the application deployments of old, cloud native processes of today and edge native deployments of the future. Learn about the challenges we are about to face with an edge first architecture and what we can do today to be ready.
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