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GopherCon UK 2021: John Gregory - Who Goes There? - building a serverless Github auditor


Who Goes There is a serverless application, developed using Go, AWS Lambda, GraphQL and the Serverless Framework, designed to help you keep track of your organisation members. Inspired by gu-who from The Guardian, but designed to be more flexible, cloud native (fitting as far as possible into free tiers!) and Gophery!
As with many companies, the use of Github at the Office for National Statistics has exploded in the last few years from a few users and repos to hundreds. Keeping track of who should be there, especially as they move between teams, and ensuring things like MFA compliance have proven a challenge, even with Github enterprise tools.
This talk will take you through the design and build of the application; the whys, the hows, what I learnt along the way and how you can use the app to keep track of your own organisation on Github.