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GOTO 2019 • Continuous Delivery, Microservices & Serverless in 10min • Nicki Watt & Ken Mugrage


This interview was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2019 for GOTO Unscripted. #GOTOcon #GOTOUnscripted #GOTOcph
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Nicki Watt - CTO/CEO at OpenCredo Ken Mugrage - Principal Technologist - Office of the CTO at ThoughtWorks Preben Thorø - CTO at Trifork Switzerland
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 00:59 Is continuous delivery taking off just now? 02:00 When should one consider continuous delivery? 02:57 How does graph theory fit into continuous delivery? 04:00 Microservices & continuous delivery 06:22 What comes after microservices & continuous delivery? 10:31 Outro #ContinuousDelivery #Microservices #Serverless #GraphTheory #Monolith #NickiWatt #KenMugrage #OpenCredo #ThoughtWorks
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