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GOTO 2020 • Balancing Choreography and Orchestration • Bernd Rücker


This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia November 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia
Bernd Rücker - Co-founder and Chief Technologist of Camunda and co-author of “Real-Life BPMN"
ABSTRACT These days, many teams favor loose coupling, isolation and autonomy of services and therefore typically opt for event-driven and reactive architectures, using a communication pattern known as choreography.​ Bernd Rücker believes that choreography is beneficial in some situations, but that it is far from the holy grail of integration.​ In some scenarios, it increases coupling, often accidentally and to a dangerous degree. Orchestration is a better choice for some situations but is often bashed for introducing tight coupling. Bernd will debunk some of these myths and show how orchestration can even reduce coupling in some situations and work in an asynchronous, message-driven fashion [...]
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 01:23 Orchestration vs choreography 03:47 Example 04:25 Synchronous call chains 05:46 Asynchronous call chains 06:22 Choreography or orchestration? 07:49 Event-driven 09:31 P2P event chains 16:10 Decide about responsibility 19:56 Stateful orchestration 22:15 Glue code e.g. Java 23:07 Using a workflow engine 24:20 Challenge: Command vs event 31:04 Your IT architecture 31:44 Summary
Download slides and read the full abstract here: #EventDrivenArchitecture #SoftwareArchitecture #EventDriven #PinballMachineArchitecture #EventChains #StatefulOrchestration #Java #WorkflowEngine #Monolith #Microservices #ChaosEngineering
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