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GOTO 2020 • How to be Certain You’ll Succeed with "The Art of Strategy" • Erik Schön


This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTOBookClub
Erik Schön - Author of "The Art of Strategy" Jørn Larsen - CEO of Trifork & GOTO
DESCRIPTION In these challenging times, strategy is more important than ever. We sat down with Erik Schön, author of The Art of Strategy, to find out how we can leverage the learning of three main strategists to ensure success in a modern business setting.
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RECOMMENDED BOOKS Erik Schön • The Art Of Strategy • Sun Tzu • The Art of War • John Boyd • A Discourse on Winning and Losing • Simon Wardley • Wardley Maps • #Strategy #TheArtOfStrategy #SunTzu #JohnBoyd #SimonWardley #WardleyMaps #OODALoop
SUPPORTER The current episode was made possible with the support of Erlang Solutions, a tech consultancy that builds transformative, fault-tolerant solutions for the world’s most ambitious companies.
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