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GOTO 2020 • How to Lead through Turbulence w/ Compassion & Confidence • Angela Dugan & Sara Caldwell


This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOchgo
Angela Dugan - People Lead at Polaris Solutions Sara Caldwell - Agile Coach
ORIGINAL TALK TITLE "This is Your Captain Speaking…” - Leading through Turbulence with Compassion and Confidence
ABSTRACT We can't always know what comes next. A clear blue sky can turn suddenly stormy and turbulent, knocking everyone off balance. Right now, our world feels unpredictable and uncertain to some. In trying times people fall back on their instincts of fight, flight, or freeze and it's hard to know which one will prevail. Your team needs you right now. They need you to radiate calm, to help them understand, and to help them see past the turbulence ahead. Sara and Angela are leaders and coaches with experience navigating teams through both trying times and smooth times. In this talk, they'll help you understand what has worked for them so that you too can be the reassuring voice on the speaker, guiding them to make [...]
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 02:18 VUCA 06:06 How to apply VUCA 10:30 A concrete example 12:58 Tailor the message 15:39 Takeaways
Download slides and read the full abstract here: #Teams #Leadership #AgileDevelopment #Agile #HumanFactor
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