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GOTO 2020 • People First Leadership • Kate Wardin


This presentation was recorded at GOTO 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia
Kate Wardin - A Waypoint in the Ocean of Leadership Gurus
This is an updated version of Kate's previously published talk:
ABSTRACT We must never devalue people in the process of delivering a technical solution. This requires all roles on a team to practice the core skills and techniques to lead without authority. This talk will highlight a wide range of topics including: the importance of diversity and inclusion on dev teams, the importance of an effective developer onboarding experience and how to become an authentic leader in tech [...]
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 04:47 Agenda 05:06 Why do bosses get a bad rap? 10:20 Developer first leadership 11:28 Chapter 1: Remove blockers 17:00 Chapter 2: Empower your team 24:02 Chapter 3: Share credit, take blame 26:06 Chapter 4: Never devalue people 32:12 Chapter 5: Be vulnerable & authentic 33:31 Chapter 6: Prioritize & focus 39:50 Chapter 7: Invest in your communication skills 43:01 Wrap-up #Teams #HumanFactor #Diversity #Inclusivity #Leadership #PeopleFirst
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