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GraphQL 2021 Wishlist: The top GraphQL Opportunities & Challenges for 2021 - Tanmai Gopal


Talk recording from GraphQL Galaxy Conference 2020 Website -
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As GraphQL enters its 6th year, we've come a long way as a community and an ecosystem. But there's still a lot of work to be done for GraphQL to go totally mainstream and retain its momentum. In this talk, I'll highlight the top cross-cutting technical and tooling challenges that practitioners face in getting GraphQL adopted and hope to spark new ideas and discussions around what we need to spec out, what we need to build and what need to improve! I'm excited to share a list of opportunities and ideas that encompass a) the boring things that need to be done (eg: health-check & error handling!), b) the hard problems that need to be solved (eg: rate-limiting & security) and c) the exciting challenges (eg: GraphQL & wasm) facing us as a GraphQL community. I hope that at the end of the talk we have a real sense of what the top challenges are and why, and that we're excited about going into 2021 discussing these challenges and building potential solutions.