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11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Uri Goldshtein & Kamil Kisiela

We all heard about GraphQL, a powerful query language, for any data. But what if we could use that powerful query language to manage our local state between components? In this talk, Uri and Kamil will talk about the latest release of apollo-angular 1.0 and the new possibilities it brings to Angular applications, not only over the network but for your local data as well.
Uri is a core open source developer at Meteor Development Group at the Apollo team. He is the creator of the angular-meteor library and the Angular-Apollo library which lets Angular developers integrate GraphQL into their apps. Lately he is be working on the GraphQL-Subscriptions library and the WebSocket transport which let’s GraphQL developers add real-time capabilities into their apps. Uri travels around the world building infrastructure, applications and helping developers.
Freelance developer living in Poland and is the author of Apollo-Angular library that brings GraphQL into Angular. He calls himself an Open Source enthusiast and actively contributes to the Apollo and the Meteor Communities. Kamil is passionate about cycling and other outdoor activities.