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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #17 + a surprise giveaway!


GraphQL Meetup #17 + a surprise giveaway!
0:00​ GraphQL Berlin Meetup Introduction by Daniel Norman
1:29​ Stefano Negri: Exposing GraphQL as Managed APIs
36:45​ Ryan Chenkie: Using Auth0 in a GraphQL App
1:08:27​ Jesse Martin: GraphQL Up and Running with GraphCMS
Talk 1: Exposing GraphQL as managed APIs by Stefano Negri
The talk touches the subject of benefits of managed APIs, like authentication/authorization and access control, rate limiting, threat protection, operational analytics, and the features the API Manager tools may offer as 'first-class support for GraphQL". A demo may follow according to the time.
Talk 2: Using Auth0 in a GraphQL App by Ryan Chenkie
Source repo for the example:​ There are many different ways to add user authentication and authorization to a GraphQL app. One of the most common strategies to do so with JSON Web Tokens. Auth0 is a managed authentication service that allows developers to quickly and securely add auth to any app and is a great fit for GraphQL. In this talk, we'll look at how to add Auth0 to a GraphQL-powered React app and how to secure the GraphQL API it gets data from. We'll see how to verify JSON Web Tokens that are signed by Auth0 using a JSON Web Key Set and how to use scopes to manage access levels.
Talk 3: GraphQL Up and Running with GraphCMS by Jesse Martin
In this talk, we’ll show off the newest features of GraphCMS and how our native GraphQL API supercharges developer productivity. 🎉 Plus, there will be a special surprise with a giveaway at the end for live viewers. 🎉 MC: Daniel Norman, Developer's Advocate at Prisma