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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #21 - Eve Porcello - Getting Acquainted with Defer and Stream


◭ Eve Porcello (@eveporcello): "Getting Acquainted with Defer and Stream".
◭ In this talk, we’ll take a look at some of the latest features of the GraphQL spec: @defer and @stream. We’ll tour how they work, what problems they solve, and how to get started working with these features.
◭ Eve Porcello is a software engineer, instructor, author, and co-founder of Moon Highway. Her career started writing technical specifications and creating UX designs for web projects. Since starting Moon Highway in 2012, she has created video content for and LinkedIn Learning and has co-authored Learning React and Learning GraphQL for O'Reilly Media. She is also a frequent conference speaker and has presented at conferences including React Rally, GraphQL Summit, and OSCON.
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