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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #23 - Stephan Schneider - All you (n)ever wanted to know about Introspection


◭ In this talk, Stephan will cover a couple of aspects about what Schema Introspection is, how it relates to ASTs, how it's utilized to client-side validate queries, provide autocompletion, and how its data is used to generate code.
◭ Stephan Schneider (@zcei_ger) is a backend developer at Contentful. Since 2018 GraphQL is not just an interesting technology for him anymore when he started participating in the company's initial development of their first GraphQL API. He has not stepped back since and constantly plays with new ways to integrate pre-existing data into GraphQL.
◭ This talk has been recorded during GraphQL Berlin Meetup. Join our GraphQL Berlin Meetup group here:
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