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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #24 - Bob van Luijt - Building GraphQL APIs for a vector search engine


◭ Machine learning has become an omnipresent tool that powers many applications, so when Weaviate started out building a database that has a specific focus on searching through machine learning vectors, they needed an interface that has a great UX, is simple to use, and could represent the data in a way they needed. During this talk, Bob will present a case study of the GraphQL interface in the Weaviate vector searching engine. What problem did they aim to solve, Why did they pick GraphQL and how is it implemented?
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◭ Bob is CEO and co-founder of SeMI Technologies, the business created around the open-source vector search engine Weaviate. Besides SeMI and Weaviate. Bob is a frequent speaker on the topics of open source, digital technology, software business, and creativity. He has spoken at around 100 events on the aforementioned topics in Europe, the US, and Russia.
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