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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #25 - Jamie Barton - Federating the Content Layer with GraphCMS


◭ You might think a Headless CMS just provides content, but what if you could federate content from all of your APIs, and enhance that data with content from the CMS? What if I also told you that a GraphQL backend CMS with Mutations allowed you to generate content outside of the CMS.
In this talk, we’ll cover what it was like before we used a CMS, what the CMS solves today, as well as where we believe the future is with content by federating all of your services into one.
◭ Jamie is a software engineer turned developer advocate. Born and bred in North East England, he loves learning and teaching others through video and written tutorials. Jamie maintains Headless Dropshipping Starter, Headless Commerce Resources, and GraphQL WTF.
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