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GraphQL Berlin Meetup #25 - Jason Kuhrt - Diving into the new Nexus Prisma


◭ The goal is to briefly introduce what Nexus Prisma is and then focus on its internals. While Nexus Prisma is not a very active project the talk should be of interest to people curious how a Prisma generator can work generally too.

Jason is a software engineer with a passion for developer experience, system design, and tooling. Educated in design theory, practice, and ethics he became fascinated by the systems aspects of software and the community of open source. Over years his journey progressed from the frontend to the back where he has delved into APIs services DevOps architecture and more. He has made creative and leadership contributions in many environments, mostly startups. Today he leads the Developer Productivity team at Prisma responsible for the Control Plane product of the Prisma Data Platform.
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