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GraphQL ify your APIs by Soham Dasgupta


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It was designed by Facebook to allow its mobile clients to define exactly what data should be sent back by an API and therefore avoid unnecessary roundtrips and data usage, GraphQL is a JSON based query language for APIs. Since it was open-sourced by Facebook in 2015, it was rapidly adopted and many companies have already switch to the GraphQL way of building APIs.
A few months ago Netflix open-sourced their own GraphQL frame­work(dgs), giving GraphQL in the microservice world an extra boost. Apart from this framework there are a couple of other frameworks also available to implement GraphQL in Java microservice space. But how do these frameworks work, what are the advantages and usefulness of one framework over another. Apart from the basics of GraphQL, in this session you will learn different aspects of GraphQL and archi­tecture of such APIs, but also what would you choose to implement your GraphQL APIs.
Join this session and get to know how to GraphQL-ify your APIs in 3 different ways, receive a detailed comparison among the available frameworks, supported by demo/live coding and most importantly get a better understanding if/when/where/why GraphQL applies for your organization or specific use case.