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GraphQL Mesh – Query Anything, Run Anywhere - Uri Goldstein


Talk recording from React Summit Remote Edition 2020
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#GraphQL Mesh – Query Anything, Run Anywhere In this talk I will demonstrate the new GraphQL Mesh library ( that was recently announced. GraphQL Mesh changes a lot of the traditional ideas about GraphQL and its relationship with other API protocols. It can automatically generate a GraphQL API from openapi/Swagger, gRPC, SOAP, oData and others without changing the source and merge them all schemas into a single schema - Schema Stitching for any source! In this talk I will share some of the original ideas behind it and my opinions on how the future looks for API consumption and exposure.
Uri Goldstein Uri is the founder of The Guild, a group of open source developers working around the world to help create important open source libraries, mostly around GraphQL. They support large companies to go through successful technological transformations.
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