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High Performance Apps with JavaScript and Rust, It's Easier Than You Think

NodeJS Rust
10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Amir Yasin (2U)

NodeJS is amazing at lots of things, but computationally intensive or low level tasks aren't among those things. How can you still leverage the ease of use of NodeJS and do things that are computationally expensive like machine learning, or low level things like computations on a GPU? By using Rust and Node together. Rust is a strongly typed cross platform language that is an excellent choice for handing these exact problems. It's easy to learn and works very well with Node. This talk will teach you Rust syntax and usage from a JS developers perspective, how to write a Rust library to make it callable from NodeJS and finally actually calling the library from NodeJS. After attending this talk you will: - Have a basic grasp of writing a Rust library - Know when and how to use Rust - Understand how to use the foreign function interface to call out from NodeJS - Execute callbacks to your Node code from your Rust lib.
Amir Yasin has been developing software for nearly 20 years. In that time he's written software in the aviation, defense, medical,. finance, and education industries. He's gone from embedded C to full stack Javascript. It's been quite a ride and he'e learned a lot about writing solid software along the way. He also writes about the practice of software engineering. You can find him on twitter @ayasin, and on medium at