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High Speed Query Execution with Accelerators and C++ - Alex Dathskovsky - CppCon 2022

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High Speed Query Execution with Accelerators and C++ - Alex Dathskovsky - CppCon 2022
Large-scale analytics of structures and semi-structured data has become a pivotal workload in many computing domains, from science, through finance, to social networks. Big data analytics has proven to be highly CPU-bound and requires immense compute resources. Yet unlike the deep learning domain that has gone through a couple of hardware acceleration cycles, big data analytics is still running on stock CPUs. A fundamental reason for this lack of hardware acceleration is that big data analytics is much more computational diverse than deep learning. As a result, a hardware accelerator for big data analytics requires careful balancing of dedicated hardware acceleration with a programmable and flexible fabric. Here at Speedata we are developing the first hardware accelerator for big data analytics. Our SoC relies on a novel massively parallel, non-von Neumann processor coupled with dedicated hardware accelerators. But what good is a hardware accelerator without an optimized software stack? This talk will discuss how we combine C++ and Python to dynamically generate custom query code and compile it for our massively parallel processor. We will discuss are aggressive metaprogramming framework that stretches C++ boundaries to the cutting edge. We will further discuss how our code is created, some of the tricks that we use to generate our accelerated code, and why C++17 and C++20 is one of the most important aspects for our development. ---
Alex Dathskovsky
Alex has over 16 years of software development experience, working on systems, low-level generic tools and high-level applications. Alex has worked as an integration/software developer at Elbit, senior software developer at Rafael, technical leader at Axxana, Software manager at Abbott Israel and now a group manager a technical manager at an Exciting startup the will change Big Data and analytics as we know it .On His current Job Alex is developing a new CPU/APU system working with C++20, Massive metaprogramming and development of LLVM to create the next Big thing for Big Data.
Alex is a C++ expert with a strong experience in template meta-programming. Alex also teaches a course about the new features of modern C++, trying to motivate companies to move to the latest standards. __
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