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How Open Source Changed My Life

Open Source

Presented by WWCode Mobile Speaker: Kamal Shree
In this talk, I'll walk through my journey from a developer to Open-source contributor, what makes an open-source project successful and evolution of our contribution and community processes. Also, emphasize the importance of adopting open source to build communities, ways to contribute to open-source communities. I'll close with some ideas and suggestions, both to help maintainers improve the quality and quantity of their contributions, and to help both new and seasoned contributors have a great experience working on open-source projects.
About the Speaker: Kamal Shree is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and a software developer with 11 years of experience in Web Technologies, Android and recently, Flutter. Kamal has worked for multinational firms in India, the Netherlands and US. She is a youtuber, mentor at Mentorcruise and currently working on various open-source technology and leading communities.
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