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How to access all the Objective-C APIs using JSI - Jamie Birch | React Native EU 2022


The JavaScript Interface (JSI) allows us to access native APIs directly from the JS context. Unlike traditional JSON bridge-based native modules, API access is synchronous and even non-serialisable data types can be expressed. However, JSI is largely undocumented, so it may be unclear how to use it. In this talk, we'll learn how to write JSI code to bridge any individual API from the Objective-C runtime to JS and demonstrate how we could even bridge *all* the APIs the Objective-C runtime offers, by walking through the approach used in the shirakaba/react-native-native-runtime GitHub repository.
Speaker Bio
A cross-platform hobbyist and ex-Smart TV app developer, Jamie enjoys putting JavaScript in places it doesn't belong, usually with a view to building apps for foreign language study.
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