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How to Craft a Killer Software Engineer Resume


Presented by WWCode Boulder/Denver 👉 Let's Eat, Grandma x Women Who Code present...How to craft a killer coding resume
So you can write some amazing code... but can you write what it all means on paper? It's time to reboot your resume. Join Mollie Eisler, from resume writing service Let's Eat, Grandma, for an engaging resume workshop exclusively for Women Who Code members.
🏆 You'll walk away knowing how to: ‣ Work your biggest accomplishments into a value-packed resume ‣ Concisely explain your most complex projects without technical jargon and showcase them for success on your resume ‣ Spin your career change on your resume if you're new to programming ‣ Optimize your resume with ATS keywords to make sure you pass through Applicant Tracking Systems and land an interview
🔥 IMPORTANT: Bring your digital copy of resume if you are participating in the resume workshop
✨🎤About Mollie Eisler, Let's Eat, Grandma Community Lead I am from San Francisco originally and currently live in Manhattan. I studied hospitality at Cornell University, where I met our founder Chris, and we worked together at Cornell’s Communication Center helping students with business writing and resumes. I currently work as a writer currently for LEG and as our Community Lead, planning events and workshops which have been in person and virtual (most recently). I've helped clients across a range of industries who are in different stages of their careers. ✨ About Let's Eat, Grandma Let’s Eat, Grandma helps professionals land their dream jobs through high-quality online writing services. Our team of expert writers will rework your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more to help you redefine your professional image. So far, we’ve helped over 10,000 job seekers across every industry and experience level through our writing services, live events, and instructional content.
About Career Returnship: This initiative is a small step towards empowering those of us in technology trying to relaunch our careers.
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