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How to create progressive web apps and compelling tech talks


Hey Manc Webbers!
Welcome to the first Manc Web meetup of 2021!
You may already know that our previous organiser, James Wright, decided to take a step back from organising at the end of 2020.
James did an amazing job of bringing the community together over the past couple of years, and we want to give him a huge 'thank you' from all of us!
If you have any questions about this or future events or want to submit ideas or get involved, please contact one of the new co-organisers.
In the coming months, we'll be gathering feedback from you about what you'd like to see from this community, it'd be great to hear from as many of you as possible!
In the meantime, we're happy to announce the first meetup of 2021:
1) Peter Eijgermans (@EijgermansPeter) - Codesmith at Ordina
*Make your web app Progressive with awesome Web APIs*
In this talk, Peter will show some advanced PWA features that provide access to your hardware APIs. We are going to build an app for making selfies with the Media Capture API, Geolocation API and posting selfies with the BackgroundSync Api. And also we are enabling Face Recognition and Speech Recognition, Virtual Reality and AR in our App. This is now possible on the Web/Browser! The Web is getting more sophisticated day-by-day. More native features are being brought on board, this is due to the fact that the number of web users is far greater than native app users. The native experience users see on native apps is brought to the web to retain them there without the need to go back to the native apps. This would open up a whole new approach.
Peter is an adventurous and passionate CodeSmith at Ordina Netherlands. He likes to travel around the world with his bike. Always seeking for the unexpected and unknown. For his job he tries out the latest techniques and frameworks. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences over the World and writing for the Dutch Java magazine and DZone. He believes that you as the front-end developer are the spider in the web to bring the user, the team and the product together.
2) Ben Knight - Delivery Manager at Mission Labs
*How to Create a Compelling Tech Talk*
Our industry is filled with technical people with great ideas, who want to share them with the community.
This talk is for Techies and Tech Leaders who know what they want to say, want to know the best way to get their ideas across.
Whether you’re new to public speaking, or just want to know how to keep your audience engaged, this session is full of useful and important tools.
We’ll be covering everything from ‘how to choose your topic’, ‘how to pitch your talk at the right audience’ through to some tips and tricks for a great looking slide deck.
Ben Knight leads Delivery of the SmartAgent app at Mission Labs in Manchester, UK. His people-centred approach to Delivery builds autonomous and agile software teams based on transparency, reliability and sustainability. The result? Teams that deliver their best.