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How To Land A Remote Developer Job in 2022 #Shorts


Remote developer jobs in 2022 are in high demand. In this video I tell you where you should look to get one! This will work for web development, back end development, front end development and more! #Shorts
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Finding a fully remote job in tech is really difficult. Let's take a look at some resources that you can use to make this process much easier. First, I would go to Levels FYI remote. This has a list of dozens of companies. Huge companies like Facebook and Google give you you the explanation if they offer remote or if it's partial, I would start here. Then I would take a look at the benefits for each one of these companies. It's very important that the company reflects your values and what you want. Nice thing about this. At Levels Fyibenefitsyoucan, actually get a dollar amount and you can compare and contrast each one of these companies. There's also another really cool resources. It's a GitHub repo. It has hundreds of companies, has a list of every single one of them. I would take a look at that and see if any of those interests me. And then finally I would go to Glassdoor. They're there's lots of different reviews for all these different companies. And then I would go ahead and apply, let me know how that goes. And subscribe for more information to help you become a better programmer.