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How to Start or Transition into Cyber Security


Presented by WWCode Austin
Join us for this presentation, panel and Q&A where we will discuss what cybersecurity is, what types of jobs are up for grabs in this high growth industry, and chat with a few professionals in the industry about their training and how they transitioned into their current roles.
We will learn about the terms “cybersecurity” and “information security” and what they mean. We will learn about why living in a high tech world has created a greater demand for security specialists, such as ransomware attacks, and hear about different careers and skills for folks who have a career in technology and are curious about pivoting into cybersecurity.
Bring your questions for the panel, and your curiosity, we are excited to share this presentation with you.
Alma Maria Rinasz Twitter: @AlmaRinasz LinkedIn profile: Recovering classroom teacher, coding bootcamp survivor, currently creating security policies and programs for remote teams as a cybersecurity advocate.
Amanda Lee Keammerer - CEO, Javilud LinkedIn profile: Amanda is the CEO of Javilud, transforming innovation at the intersection of technology, people, politics, and art through consulting services, signature events, and creative collaborations. Previously, Amanda was the vice president of cybersecurity and director of CyberSecurity San Antonio at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Before returning to Texas, Amanda worked for the Federal Chief Information Officer at the White House; she is a Security Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, and nationally recognized as one of 40 Latinx Next Generation Leaders in National Security & Foreign Policy.
Meghan Jacquot Twitter: @Carpe_Diem_Tech LinkedIn profile: Meghan Jacquot works in Risk Assessment Cybersecurity Engineering with Cyber Future Foundation and is a curious lifelong learner with a commitment to sharing what she has learned. She is a Cybersecurity Specialist with a prior career as an IT Technician and STEM educator (teaching CS and Engineering to high school students). She is passionate about helping others, mapping risks to work on mitigation, ethical AI, and cloud security. To continue expanding her knowledge she is on Hack The Box, placed in the US Cyber Challenge top 100, and attended the US Cyber Camp in 2021. She is the Social Event Coordinator for WiCyS Mid-Atlantic Affiliate (Women in CyberSecurity) and also volunteers at the National level in the Resources Committee. She is a mentor and a mentee. You also might see her hanging out with her chinchilla.
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