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How we almost delivered 100 tons of Stracciatella Mousse - Björn Wendland & Tobias Schröder


It's not a bug, it's a feature! How often do we read or hear this saying? At what point in time are you confident to say that it's a feature?
Is it when your service has a very good test-coverage, a user-focused design and never acts out of line because it utilizes fancy front-end testing tools and canary-releases? Even with seemingly perfect coverage along all levels of the test pyramid, we wonder why bugs appear.
This talk is about how we almost delivered 100 tons of Stracciatella Mousse. On time! This was not a bug in production. A store employee confirmed that specific order. Nevertheless this behaviour sounds strange enough to investigate. That's why we stepped back. Took a deep breath and had a look at our metrics.
Can we actually detect anomalies before someone drowns in a pool of tasty Stracciatella Mousse. Join the talk to find out!