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HR Talk: Recruitment and relocation in focus


Join us for a virtual session where DataArt HR specialists will discuss the topics of recruitment and post-relocation adaptation in a multinational and multicultural environment.
«Cross-Cultural Recruitment Patterns – Case Studies» by Hanna Yankina, HR Manager, DataArt
It is all about being successful when collaborating across cultures. You need to learn how to harvest the benefits of diversity. During this talk Hania will indicate cultural patterns, discuss specific and awkward intercultural situations and analyze case studies from her professional life. It is a great opportunity to learn from mistakes of others, get to know a bit more about yourself, your candidates or colleagues.
Speaker: Hanna Yankina, HR Manager in Poland, has been working in the IT industry for over 7 years, finding proper candidates in Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Brazil and India to support Polish, Ukrainian and German markets. In DataArt, Hanna consults on writing CVs, supports with preparation for interviews and salary negotiations, helps in relocation processes. She performs as a speaker, talking about intercultural recruitment. Her biggest passions are recruitment and motorbikes.
«Successful adaptation of relocated employees» by Tetyana Karachevtseva, HR Manager
Relocation is always stressful for employees since it implies a lot of changes to their personal and professional life. The sooner the new employees are able to adapt to the new location the sooner they will become engaged and the sooner the company will experience the benefits of the of the relocation process.
In our presentation we will focus on useful life-hacks that will help you to make the post-relocation adaptation process smooth and effective.
Speaker: Tetyana Karachevtseva, HR Manager in Bulgaria, has been Global Compensation & Benefits Manager in DataArt since October 2018 and local HR Manager in DataArt Bulgaria since May 2020.
Before joining DataArt, Tetyana has worked 10+ years in the FMCG sector in Ukraine where she had the opportunity to take different roles in Sales, Finance and Human Resources department. The main part of her career is related to Total Rewards. She is also Certified Global Remuneration professional.
Tetyana has relocated from Ukraine to Bulgaria in 2016 together with her family.
She holds a master degree in International Economics from the V. N Karazin National University Ukraine, Kharkiv. ____________________________________________ Feedback form: ____________________________________________ Website: Twitter: Facebook: