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Ian Cooper -Managing Event Driven Architectures - NDC London 2022


You should be careful what you wish for. Once you have succeeded in persuading your team to adopt an event-driven architecture for communication between your microservices, you hit the problem of how to manage that event-driven architecture.
- How do you surface a definition that describes your event driven API - How do you know who is talking to who? - What declares your topics and queues, consumer of CD pipeline? - What if you don't want someone to use your events? - How do you avoid breaking downstream consumers? - How many consumers do you need?
In this talk we will look at solutions to these problems. We will review emerging standards such as CloudEvents, and AsyncAPI and understand how we might use them. We will look at the role of CDC in helping us with versioning, and the tooling around we can use for that. We will look at the concept of a message registry and how it can help you understand the interactions in your estate. We will look at ways that we can use Logging and Monitoring tools to understand what is happening to your messages. Finally, we will look at how you determine the number of consumers that you need.
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