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Infrastructure As Code - Lessons Learned

11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Kamil Szczygieł (Container Labs)

Defining infrastructure as code has grown massively in popularity. Due to demand, a large set of tools has emerged that try to address this approach requirements. Because no tool is perfect, there are always caveats that DevOps will encounter during his journey. This talk will walk the audience through real-life use cases, faced problems and possible solutions while working with infrastructure as code solutions such as Terraform and SaltStack. It will also include a brief overview of tools that attendees may find helpful in their regular day 2 operations using infrastructure as code.
Kamil is a DevOps Architect at Container Labs where he helps to build fault-tolerant and scalable solutions based on Mesos/Kubernetes. Previously he worked on delivering bare metal, automated VMware stacks to enterprise customers and improving the performance/scalability of large Software Defined infrastructures. He is an automation freak (if it can be automated, it should be automated!), new technologies enthusiast and DevOps attitude evangelist.